Delegates to Michigan Convention to Ratify 21st Amendment
Election held April 3, 1933
Convention held April 10, 1933

The 21st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution repealed the 18th Amendment (Prohibition). It was the only constitutional amendment in history which Congress specified had to be ratified by state conventions rather than by state legislatures.

Michigan acted quickly in order to get the issue before voters at the spring election. A bill was adopted to provide for a convention with 100 delegates, one for each state rep seat. Unlike the 1961 constitutional convention, no delegates were elected from state senate districts.

For each delegate position, there were two candidates: one pledged to vote "yes" on ratifying the amendment (the so-called "wet" candidate), the other pledged to vote "no" (the "dry" candidate).

The candidates were selected by county election commissions in each county (i.e., the county clerk, the county treasurer, and the chief probate judge), and were typically leaders of organizations campaigning to repeal or to maintain alcohol prohibition. In several counties, the names first announced were changed by the time ballots were printed.

Many newspapers pointed out that the convention had no deliberative function, and advised voters to vote their views on Prohibition rather than partisanship or personalities.

On April 3, 1933, Michigan voters elected 99 "wet" delegates and just one "dry" delegate (from Barry County).

The convention was held one week later in Lansing, and voted 99-1 for ratification of the repeal amendment. Michigan was the first state to ratify.

Two delegates, Charles E. Bartlett and Emil J. DeBacke (marked with * in the list below), both of the Wayne 1st, were unable to attend; Gov. William A. Comstock appointed substitutes for them. For Bartlett's position, Robert J. Teagan was appointed; for DeBacke's position, his brother Victor DeBacke was appointed.

Art Jensen (Montcalm County) was absent on the initial roll call, but he arrived in time for the ratification vote.

These events are somewhat obscure, perhaps because the election of delegates and convention were not documented in the 1933 Michigan Manual. The original records were destroyed in the 1951 state archives fire. Information on this page was compiled from state and county records and from newspaper reports by Lawrence Kestenbaum, 2007.

All of these delegates and candidates will soon be included in the Political Graveyard web site. If you are willing to share any biographical information on any of these individuals (e.g., birth and death dates, occupation, hometown, religious affiliation, etc.), please contact me via email at POLYGON at POLITICALGRAVEYARD dot COM, or by postal mail to Lawrence Kestenbaum, P.O. Box 2563, Ann Arbor MI 48106.

District Winning candidate Losing candidate
Alger District L. B. Chittenden (wet) George A. Baldwin (dry)
Allegan County Raymond L. Anglemire (wet) Floyd M. Barden (dry)
Alpena District Arthur W. Wilcox (wet) Joseph H. Thompson (dry)
Antrim District Guy H. Kane (wet) E. S. Carroll (dry)
Arenac District Herman N. Butler (wet) Annie E. Parliament (dry)
Barry County Eugene Davenport (dry) Birge C. Swift (wet)
Bay County 1st District Adolph J. Rehmus (wet) Archibald H. McMillan (dry)
Bay County 2nd District Samuel H. Castanier (wet) Carl M. Cook (dry)
Berrien County 1st District Julius J. Krieger (wet) Emma Jean Hall (dry)
Berrien County 2nd District Doris C. Hawks (wet) Harris S. Whitney (dry)
Branch County Mortimer W. Olds (wet) Delbert E. Williams (dry)
Calhoun County 1st District Charles E. Gauss (wet) Frederic S. Goodrich (dry)
Calhoun County 2nd District Howard W. Cavanagh (wet) Verner W. Main (dry)
Cass County Carl B. Dill (wet) William H. Berkey (dry)
Charlevoix District Thomas C. Kroupa (wet) Henry Steimel (dry)
Cheboygan District John C. Rittenhouse (wet) Allen Schreur (dry)
Chippewa County Robert S. Moore (wet) Marshall W. Hoyt (dry)
Clinton County Herbert Armbrustmacher (wet) A. M. Pearl (dry)
Delta County Cornelius Gallagher (wet) Charles N. Wood (dry)
Dickinson County Earl M. LaFreniere (wet) Edwin Asp (dry)
Eaton County Albert M. Ewert (wet) Stanley B. Niles (dry)
Emmet District John B. Vallier (wet) George A. Weaver (dry)
Genesee County 1st District Carl Bonbright (wet)
James Martin (wet)
Alvin N. Cody (dry)
Mary Blackwell (dry)
Genesee County 2nd District Frank J. Sawyer (wet) Alfred Stevens (dry)
Gogebic County Thomas J. Landers (wet) John Kuivinen (dry)
Grand Traverse County Timothy R. Temple (wet) Demas Cochlin (dry)
Gratiot County Edwin Raynor (wet) Leon L. Tyler (dry)
Hillsdale County George D. Schermerhorn (wet) James Denver Driskill (dry)
Houghton County 1st District William L. Stannard (wet) Samuel A. Carey (dry)
Houghton County 2nd District James T. Healy (wet) Matt M. Dennis (dry)
Huron County William J. Riley (wet) Charlotte Allison (dry)
Ingham County 1st District Homer D. Parker (wet) Glenn M. Frye (dry)
Ingham County 2nd District William J. Barber (wet) Dora H. Stockman (dry)
Ionia County Fred A. Chapman (wet) George L. Jordan (dry)
Iron County Martin S. McDonough (wet) Carl A. Rosander (dry)
Isabella County Thomas R. McNamara (wet) Floyd H. Johnson (dry)
Jackson County 1st District John W. Miner (wet) Earle J. Engle (dry)
Jackson County 2nd District Dean G. Kimball (wet) Mark B. Hawes (dry)
Kalamazoo County 1st District Dean Halford (wet) James B. Balch (dry)
Kalamazoo County 2nd District William Montague (wet) Samuel H. Van Horn (dry)
Kent County 1st District Charles R. Bowman (wet)
Dorothy S. McAllister (wet)
John J. Smolenski (wet)
Frank A. Bacon (dry)
Henry Beets (dry)
Fred P. Geib (dry)
Kent County 2nd District John M. Dunham (wet) J. Pomeroy Munson (dry)
Kent County 3rd District William S. Lamoreaux (wet) M. Harold Saur (dry)
Lapeer County Loren H. Richards (wet) Fred J. Stephenson (dry)
Lenawee County Bert D. Chandler (wet) Eugene P. Lake (dry)
Livingston County Bert Pate (wet) William H. Caulfield (dry)
Macomb County Austin W. Heine (wet) Emerson O. Gildart (dry)
Manistee County William D. Manchester (wet) Luke Keddie (dry)
Marquette County Connor Cowpland (wet) S. S. Stockwell (dry)
Mason County Fred J. Hermann (wet) B. S. Bailey (dry)
Mecosta District Arnold C. Misteli (wet) Walter F. Jackson (dry)
Menominee County Hugh Bresnahan (wet) William Lovejoy (dry)
Midland District Frank I. Wixom (wet) Neil C. McKay (dry)
Monroe County Henry F. R. Frincke (wet) Elroy M. Loose (dry)
Montcalm County Art Jensen (wet) Leo B. Niles (dry)
Muskegon County 1st District Fred J. Loewe (wet) Wesley E. Dyer (dry)
Muskegon County 2nd District Elliott D. Prescott (wet) Vincent A. Martin (dry)
Newaygo District Robert W. Mason (wet) Lester Wilcox (dry)
Oakland County 1st District Preston C. Allen (wet) Ralph I. Coryell (dry)
Oakland County 2nd District Clarence W. Seery (wet) Sadie M. Patten (dry)
Ontonagon District Edwin J. Evans (wet) August Wallen (dry)
Osceola District Floyd Doherty (wet) Leah Garchow (dry)
Ottawa County William A. Hanrahan (wet) Wynand Wichers (dry)
Presque Isle District Edward A. Westrope (wet) Norman J. Randall (dry)
Saginaw County 1st District Albert S. Harvey (wet)
Frank A. Picard (wet)
Fred M. Bullock (dry)
William R. Longstreet (dry)
Saginaw County 2nd District Otto J. Conzelmann (wet) Cora Chilton (dry)
St. Clair County 1st District Charlotte H. McMorran (wet) De Hull Black (dry)
St. Clair County 2nd District John H. Schlinkert (wet) Jean Herbert (dry)
St. Joseph County Dan J. Gerow (wet) Eugene Rider (dry)
Sanilac County Robert A. Turrel (wet) Oscar F. Buschlen (dry)
Shiawassee County William J. McCullough (wet) Ellis F. Wilson (dry)
Tuscola County Wilbert H. Cook (wet) Arthur D. Gallery (dry)
Van Buren County Cecil A. Runyan (wet) David Anderson (dry)
Washtenaw County Nathan S. Potter (wet) Lewis C. Reimann (dry)
Wayne County 1st District Mary E. Alger (wet)
Robert H. Clancy (wet)
*Charles E. Bartlett (wet)
Robert D. Wardell (wet)
Arthur J. Lacy (wet)
Andrew C. Baird (wet)
Helen R. Dean (wet)
Sidney T. Miller (wet)
William F. Dettling (wet)
Catherine D. Doran (wet)
Frank D. Eaman (wet)
Charles A. Roxborough (wet)
Rex Humphrey (wet)
Roscoe B. Huston (wet)
John W. Woznak (wet)
George A. Ott (wet)
*Emil J. DeBacke (wet)
Charles E. Clark (dry)
Ben A. Baldwin (dry)
Douglas A. Graham (dry)
Merton S. Rice (dry)
Margaret V. Field (dry)
Charles F. Kuhn (dry)
Lincoln E. Buell (dry)
Ernest S. Marks (dry)
Arthur F. Tull (dry)
Etta B. Saunders (dry)
Henry C. Gleiss (dry)
J. Henry Ling (dry)
E. Elmer Staub (dry)
Thomas L. Starnes (dry)
Edward E. Maten (dry)
Ava Downer (dry)
Anna Surline (dry)
Wayne County 2nd District Clyde Austin (wet) George R. Malone (dry)
Wayne County 3rd District Stephen S. Skrzycki (wet) Albert A. Ziarko (dry)
Wayne County 4th District Robert M. Ashley (wet) Charles A. Brethen (dry)
Wayne County 5th District Elton R. Eaton (wet) Evered V. Joffiffe (dry)
Wexford District Lundy J. Deming (wet) William L. Case (dry)